Preview: My Golden Week

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This last week my roommates and I went off to Qufu and Taishan for Golden Week, a massive national holiday where literally every person and their mom decides to go on vacation. This is the peak of travel and tourism season for locals and domestic travelers. Needless to say, booking transportation and lodging in a country where 1.4 billion people are all attempting to do the same thing was incredibly challenging. There were hoards of people EVERYWHERE.
And yet, surprisingly in many of the places my roommates and I went to, we were often the only foreigners, which was incredibly strange. If there was one thing that I learned from this week I spent traveling around China, it is that this country really isn’t as “foreigner” or “traveler” friendly as one would think it would be. I definitely came here underestimating the challenge and difficulty of getting around and finding people to communicate with.
Anyway, for now, here is a preview of pictures from my visit to Qufu, which is the birthplace of Confucius and the cornerstone of Chinese culture, and Mount Tai, one of the five most sacred Taoist mountain peaks in China.

I will soon update more posts with reviews, tips, and a recap of my budget.