Places to Go in Rwanda

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Rwanda is an incredibly beautiful and dynamic country to visit. Though it is small, roughly the size of Maryland, there is much to see and do there. From gorilla trekking in the rainforest, to visiting the Virunga Mountains, a series of active volcanoes in the norther part of Rwanda, there is plenty to fill your itinerary.After 4 months of living in Rwanda, I still only scratched the surface of all there is to see and do there.

Akagera National Park: This wildlife reserve has zebras, hippos, giraffes, water buffalo, and elephants (though they are rare to see). Apparently, they just reintroduced lions into the park as well. We used Eagle Ride, which was a pretty good tour company. Most safari tours are two days long and you get to camp overnight. When we camped, a bunch of water buffalo came into our campground and were sniffing around outside our tents. I can pretty much sleep through armageddon so I didn’t hear them, but a bunch of other people in our group did.

Lake Kivu: Lake Kivu is in Kibuye just within the Great Rift Valley near the border of the DRC. This lake is the largest in Rwanda and dotted with little islands. We went out on a boat to an island called Bat Island, which is, as you guessed, filled with bats. The hike up to the peak was about an hour and we went with one of our professors who did the trek in loafers and dress pants (don’t ask me how). After that, we went back to shore for a swim. We came back to the guesthouse we were staying at for an African buffet that was actually quite good. This area is perfect for a weekend trip.