Your Guide to Golden Week in Shanghai

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It’s that time of year again- the much anticipated National Week where everyone in China decides to take off to exotic destinations and far-off places. However, if you are one of the many who are staying in the city for the holiday (because traveling during National Week is sooo last year) there is plenty to do to make the most of your staycation!

Do all those touristy things you’ve been putting off:
If the weather over the last few days is any indication of the rest of the week, it’s not going to be the best time to be walking around Yu Garden or the Bund. However, you can take this opportunity to check out some of Shanghai’s more unique museums like the Jackie Chan Museum, Propaganda Poster Center, and Zotter’s Chocolate Theatre. If the weather permits, you can also look into joining a night time bicycle tour of the city.

Eat all the Brunch:
Hitting up as many brunch spots as possible is my personal mission for the week. Luckily, several restaurants have decided to open up their normal brunch menu for the entire holiday week. Check out this link on Smart Shanghai for the full list of participating restaurants.

Check out the music festivals or hit up the clubs:
Shanghai is no stranger to the live music scene and there’s plenty of events during the holiday to keep you entertained. From metal, to punk, to jazz, there’s something for everyone. Check out Yuyintang and Inferno, and JZ Club for upcoming events. If that kind of music isn’t your thing, you can also go to the International Youth Music Festival.

Dress up and nerd out at Comic Con
I went to Shanghai Comic Con last year when Billy Boyd and Nathan Fillion were the guest panelists and it was awesome! This year’s comic con is sure to amaze with guests like Brett Dalton from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and other notable artists.

So there you have it- proof that staying home doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. What are you going do for the holiday week?